février 19, 2011

KINKUSTOM MIX #13 by Forensics (UK)

Hello everyone, it’s time for our Weekly mix. After two weeks we strike back with a special guest coming from London, our friend : Forensics. Forensics is a UK dj and producer …Passionnated of bass music he plays a really mental dubstep who will love the purist of this style. Playslisted on BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM etc. and in magazines such as Mixmag, ATM, Knowledge. We are really honnorated to diffuse this exclusive mix where you will find most of his new tracks. Forensics have work with different labels like Eight:FX, DubKraft, Methodology, Bass Punch, Digital Sin... and his tracks are played by the best dubstep djs : Aquasky, Plastician, MRK1, Horsepower, Macabre Unit and more. Really fat right?! So, thanks for all man, Kinkustom is with you ! And now stop talking and  listen...

   Forensics - Exclusive Mix for Kinkustom (February 2011) by KINKUSTOM

Playlist :
01 : Wrexile - Way of the Symurai [Methodology]
02 : Be-1ne - The Visitors [forthcoming Methodology]
03 : Forensics - Conveyor Belt VIP [Unreleased]
04 : Wrexile - Long wait until morning [Methodology]
05 : Forensics & Wrexile - Feeling Better [forthcoming Methodology]
06 : Forensics - Legion [forthcoming Methodology]
07 : Forensics - God's Hands [Methodology - Free Download]
08 : Direct Abuse - Kreepa [forthcoming Methodology]
09 : Forensics - Tied To The Big Hand, premaster [Unreleased]
10 : Staple Hill - Creeper [forthcoming Methodology]

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