mars 06, 2011


Here we are ! Once again we move to Uk for our EXclusiv' Weekly mix with our friend DJ Ammo. DJ Ammo has specialised in dubstep and grime music since the styles emerged from UK garage. He is still of the view that these genres are essentially new skool garage. He runs a blog on where you can join thousands of others and download his mixes and podcasts. DJ Ammo has played a number of sets in and around London, from underground nights to events where he can break material to fresh ears. DJ Ammo used to do a weekly show on Cyba FM alongside the likes of Lost & Shivers and the Fused Forces, where he helped up and coming artists break into the scene. 
This mix is a representation of his sound, old and new, dubstep and grime with some extremely rare songs and fat throughout!
     DJ Ammo - Kinkustom Mix 15 by Low Bow


1.    Plastician – Flying Dagger (21st Data)
2.    F-One & Kromestar – Mo Fire (KStar)
3.    Wiley - Ground Zero (Wiley Kat)
4.    Pinch – Elements (Swamp81)
5.    Shackleton – Undeadman (Honest Jons)
6.    Distance – Beyond (Chestplate)
7.    Skream – Dark Light (Unreleased)
8.    Unknown – Word About Me (White)
9.    Tempa T - Next Hype Plastician Mix Instrumental (No Hats No Hoods)
10. D Double E – Wooo Riddim (Unreleased)
11. Virus Syndicate – Slow Down (Planet Mu)
12. Dizzee Rascal & Dirty Duggz – Stretch (White)
13. Goth-Trad – Sunbeam (Deep Medi)
14. Pay As U Go – Bust Mic (Evolve)
15. RSD – Accepted (R8 Records)
16. Unknown Artist - Tuff Africa (Ebra)
17. Darqwan – Said The Spider VIP (Texture)
18. Geeneus - Old Skool 2 (
19. Unknown – Injustice (Hate)
20. Cluekid – Hovercraft (Ringo)
21. Jon E Cash - Kettle Bonus (Black Ops)
22. Unknown Artist - Square Off (Dancing Demons)
23. Coki – Robotnik (DMZ)

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