mars 13, 2011


Every week a new mix ! Live from Brighton let me introduce our new British friend : Donga. Donga is DJ and Producer really ambitious. He got his own label call Well Rounded Record where he produce a lot of UK artist in different UK style. He also promote a night club in Brighton called "Well Rounded". Here's a facebook link to their next event. Well Rounded club night has had past guests such as 2562, Altered Natives, Hackman, Deadboy, Submerse, Doc Daneeka and more. Forthcoming guests include C.R.S.T, James Fox, Deadboy and Littlefoot and these are all artists who also release on Well Round Record. If you want to see him  live, you can move to the guy called gerald and floating points nights gigs where he will plays as a guest.
His mix is a subtil mixture of downtempo, ambient and deep house, with some massiv vocals and bass lines. Please listen it right now cause this is fat stuff and it's only on Kinkustom !

   Donga - Kinkustom Mix 16 ( Brighton - UK ) by Low Bow
Playlist :
1.       Glenn Underground – ‘Mighty Real Groove’ (Slow To Speak)
2.       Cosmin TRG – ‘Separat’ (50 Weapons)
3.       One Off – ‘People Of Earth’ (AMP1OFF1)
4.       M.D. – ‘Megapolitan Soul’ (?)
5.       Rootstrax – ‘Harlequin’ (Deeply Rooted)
6.       Knowing Looks – ‘Last Kiss At The Plains Hotel’ (WNCL)
7.       Karizma – ‘I.C.U.’ (CO-OPR8)
8.       Soundstream – ‘Good Soul’ (Soundstream)
9.       The Oliver Who Factory – ‘Galctic Transit (Recall Mix)’ (Rush Hour)
10.   2562 – ‘Aquatic Family Affair’ (When In Doubt)
11.   Ill Blu – ‘Meltdown’ (Numbers)
12.   Dom Um Romao – ‘Lake Of Perseverance (Seiji Remix)’ (Bitasweet)
13.   Norman Nodge – ‘The Happenstance’ (Ost Gut Ton)
14.   Contakt – ‘Not Forgotten’ (Local Action)
15.   King Thing – ‘Bump’ (Fortified Audio)
16.   Baobinga & Hyetal – ‘Trouble’ (Build)
17.   Pangaea – ‘Won’t Hurt’ (Hessle Audio)
18.   Gold Panda – ‘Snow & Taxis (Throwing Snow Remix)’ (Notown)
19.   MMM – ‘Donna’ (MMM)
20.   Optimum – ‘DS10’ (Hum & Buzz)
21.   Ghost Note 2 – ‘Albularyo’ (Golf Channel)

More informations:
Well Rounded portfolio

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