avril 11, 2011


Hi everyone, Weekly mix strikes back with a very famous guest, live from Los Angeles California : Jacob COMA.

Coma is a rare specimen who has rhythm tattooed to the invisible surface of his conscience.  His musical pallet is seemingly endless, with influences that revolve around a complex constellation of genres. From House to Reggae, Jazz to Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, Breakbeats and beyond, Coma has spent the better part of his life lapping it all up. Coma’s current endeavors into the realm of Dubstep have yielded a dynamic array of sounds. Melodic hooks, sweeping breakdowns and wobbling bass lines have become ubiquitous characteristics of his style. However, Coma carefully balances his driving, dance floor busting grooves with subtle audio edits and precision-crafted effects that provide an unsettling moodiness to his tracks.

Coma’s remixes of artists such as T-Pain, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and The Baby Namboo’s have put him on the map as a crafty up and coming producer. His music has also seen support from dance music luminaries such as Udachi, Trillbass, Mochipet, Noah D, Puppy Kicker and Bassism Records. Coma has released tunes on Savory Audio, Open Circuit Recordings and recently recorded a DJ mix for R.FM

He have prepare a really heavy dubstep mix with massive drops and really sick tunes !
Enjoy !

1.The Visitor (Chasing Shadows RMX) - Tasha Baxter
2.Neurons - Muffler
3.Killa (Mark Instinct RMX) - TRiLLBASS feat. Dan Wall
4.Dazed & Confused feat. Janai & Illaman (SKiSM's Baroque Out RMX) - RackRuin
5.I Can't Stop - Flux Pavilion
6.Ho! Riddim (Funtcase RMX) - Marco Del Horno
7.Internet Connection (Flux Pavilion RMX) - M.I.A.
8.Valley Of Shadows (COMA's 140 edit) - Origin Unknown
9.Original Nuttah (Tek One RMX) - U.K. Apachi & Shy FX
10.Big Boss - Dr. P
11.Beatrocka (High Rankin RMX) - Spencer Hill
12.Minus One - Dodge & Fuski
13.Chillin (Dirtyloud RMX) - BYOB
14.Attack of the Nightmare Orchestra - Barbarix
15.Purp N Yella (BARE RMX) - Snoop Dogg & The Game
16.And You - Gemini
17.Falling - Dodge & Fuski
18.Glaciers (Roksonix RMX) - Her Majesty & The Wolves
19.Deep Down - Wickaman & RV
20.Warp feat. Steve Aoki (Dirtyphonics RMX) - The Bloody Beetroots
21.Bass Canon - Flux Pavilion
22.Dramatron - Helicopter Showdown
23.Bloodrave - Deathface
24.Hot As Hell (Mensah RMX) - Drop The Lime
25.Snack Attack - 12th Planet & Antiserum
26.Hands Up - KGB
27.On The Ground (COMA RMX) - Tambour Battant
28.Purple & Gold - 12th Planet & Antiserum
29....Pink Flamingos - COMA
30.Sweet Talk - Kito & Reija Lee
31.I <3 U SO ( Skream's Made Zdar Feel Like He Was 20 Again RMX) - Cassius

More :

And special for you, his last heavy remix of Tambour Battant - On the Ground
   ON THE GROUND (COMA Remix) - Tambour Battant by Jacob Coma

Available on BeatPort

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