mai 24, 2011


During our trip to Amsterdam, we visit a lot of pretty nice Shop like Tenue de Nimes a real instution in Amsterdam. The place is really crazy, you will a lot of details and great furnitures in here. ( All pics are from by Miss Kinky for Kinkustom, text from )

" Tenue de Nîmes represents a natural blend of carefully selected items that all enrich life in one way or another. Although the store unites several unique items ranging from vintage US army watches and Persol sunglasses to photography and design, the shop's primary focus is on denim. Everything between the walls of the denim inspired boutique is interconnected and has an underlying link to the heritage of jeans. Tenue de Nîmes claims to have a pair of jeans for anyone, male or female."

In the ‘old’ part of the store Tenue de Nîmes presents the largest and most diverse range of denim in Amsterdam on a massive denim wall made out of antique beams. Tenue de Nîmes is proud to sell the following denim brands: Levi’s Vintage, Lee originals, Acne, Atelier Ladurance, Denim Demon, iJiN Material, Momotaro jeans, Nudie, Naked & Famous and Flat Head. Besides denim Tenue de Nîmes unites a blend of contemporary labels for men and women in the ‘new’ part of the store. Here customers will find brands like Nigel Cabourn, Whyszeck, Camilla Norrback, Acne, Libertine Libertine, Velour, Mads Nörgaard, Yarn Unit and the handmade Tenue de Nîmes private label.
The Tenue de Nîmes jeans and fashion labels are completed with a broad range of fabulous products.  These include shoes from Red Wing, Moma and Nike, accessories from The Hill-side, Royal Republiq and Ellen Truijen, cosmetics by Byredo and Diptyque, Thank You Too cards and other must haves like special Japanese washing-powder for your most precious jeans.
Including; New York (Atmos, Flight Club, Alife..) , Barcelona ( 24 kilates ) , Amsterdam ( Patta ) , Paris, Nice and more !

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