mai 08, 2012

New Balance: Japanese ideas in an American Company

This video is about how New Balance think their differents asian collaboration including Mita, Hectic and more. They also present their 2011-2012 models.
Video/Editing: Jules @ Streething
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"In this video that was shot during our visit to Tokyo last year for the launch of the Tricolor collection, we explored the influence that New Balance Japan has had in pushing trends when it comes to footwear.
We briefly talked to Shigeyuki Kunii of Mita Sneakers and Yoppy of realmadHECTIC on their highly revered MT580 collaboration series that has lasted over a decade. We also look into the M1300JP model that was one of last year's most sought after sneakers. There is also the H710, which New Balance Japan picked up on and revamped it for the local market in numerous colourways and materials."
Check out the video and expect more to come in the very near future!
Video/Editing: Jules @ Streething

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