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 The PUMA x Staple Design Pigeon Suede will release on April 17th, 2013 at the Reed Space in New York City. The shoe will then release at selected sneaker boutiques across the globe on May 3rd, 2013 including Solebox, SNS, Endclohting, Hanon and Colette. Retail price 200.00$

More pictures and Q&A w/Jeff Staple after the jump... 

 How long have you been wearing PUMA's for? Which style was/is your favorite, and why?
jeffstaple (js): Since High School ... 1992 maybe. PUMA Disc was the one that did it for me. There was also a pair of PUMA Team Jamaica runners that I fell in love with back in the day.

What was your inspiration behind the PUMA Pigeon Suede?
js: Our world renowned Pigeon has graced a variety of different products and styles for the past decade. It has become a brand onto itself and has quite a beloved following. One of the things we look to do is always partner with equally (if not more) iconic brands. We strive to attach the Pigeon to silhouettes that stand the test of time. The PUMA Suede is without question, one of the most important shoes in all of sneaker history.

There is a common theme across Staple Designs with the pigeon emblem - what does the pigeon signify?
js: In one word? #PIGEONHUSTLE. The pigeon is not supposed to win. Society throws every possible negative thing at that bird. And yet it thrives. It comes out a winner. That is the mentality that every urbanite should embody. I think people of my generation align themselves and relate much more to the Pigeon than to a poloplaying horse or a crocodile.

Aside from the pigeon being associated with Staple Design, are there any other aspects of the footwear design unique to "jeffstaple" (ie. colorway)?
js: 2 things….First, the material play. We always want to try and take cues from the Pigeon and it's organic nature. So the suedes,  leather and trims we use all have a very natural feeling. The second, being that these babies (PUMA Suedes) are hand made in Japan. Since I began Staple in 1997, we've always had a very close kin relationship to Japan. It's my second home. To have these PUMA Suede’s be MADE IN JAPAN is very special to me.

What does the term "streetwear" mean to you? How does this translate for the future?
js: Streetwear is anything that derives from a "street" mentality. There are many things that were born on the streets...hiphop... graffiti...skateboarding...punk...b-boyism....DJing...etc. It makes total sense to me that now, Streetwear is where everythingcombines into one big melting pot. In the past, I think society andmedia tried to put everything into a bucket. Streetwear breaks those boundaries down. Streetwear IS the future.

What footwear trends do you see now?
js: Technology is coming back into the fore front. We just came out of a really "casual" mode. Black/White/Monotone...simple uppers...simple materials. I think we're getting tired of that and
appreciating the innovation that drives footwear design.

Do you rock trends? If so, which ones? What do you consider to be timeless?
js: I don't follow trends. Ever. I purposely mute myself to them. I consider passion to be timeless.

How was it like working with the PUMA team?
js: Smooth as silk.

How do you see the PUMA & Staple Design relationship developing?
js: I would love to do more things. I don't believe collaborations should be set in stone or put into a PowerPoint. They should happen as organically as possible. If you're forcing a colab, you're missing
the point of the doing the colab in the first place.

What are upcoming plans for Staple Design?
js: Dominate planet Earth. Then......we're coming after you Mars.

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